Mechanical Services

Logbook Servicing

Your new car tends to come with a manufacturer's warranty that can cover the costs of repairs and replacements of parts that suffer from mechanical failure in your car. However for your warranty to remain valid, you must regularly get your car serviced by a licensed mechanic who will record the servicing in your logbook. Logbook servicing also reduces the frequency of more serious faults in your engine as it allows you to catch problems early before they exacerbate further. Logbook servicing also tends to increase the resale value of your car, as prospective buyers are much more willing to purchase if the car comes with a well filled out logbook.

Here at Mildren and Coysh we are fully licensed and qualified to perform logbook servicing for all petrol, diesel, LPG personal vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

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Roadworthy Inspections

In Victoria, before re-registering a vehicle that hasn't been driven for an extended period of time, or before selling or just transferring ownership of a vehicle, it's legally required that the vehicle is inspected by a licensed tester and deemed roadworthy. This process involves an exhaustive inspection of your vehicle's safety features and important systems to make sure it is safe to drive on public roads.

At Mildren and Coysh we are licensed to provide Roadworthy certifications for all diesel and petrol cars and light commercial vehicles under 4.5 tonnes.

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Steering and Suspension

Your comfort and driving precision are both influenced directly by your steering and suspension systems. Worn shocks or springs in your suspension system can also increase your stopping distance, which could mean the difference between an emergency stop and an accident.

Whether you've noticed a problem with your steering or suspension, or if you're looking for an upgrade or to have your suspension altered, we can provide the following services at Mildren and Coysh:

  • Repairs/replacements/upgrades for shock absorbers and springs
  • Bushing replacements
  • Power Steering repairs
  • Repairs/replacements for struts

Talk to us today if you have any questions about your suspension or your steering.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system is noteworthy in that it is one of the few systems in your car that can degrade even when not in use. Cracks and leaks develop in the seals and hoses, which leak out the refrigerant gas, leaving you with a blast of hot air when you turn the AC on. During summer, this can be unbearable, and more likely due to the disuse during winter.

At Mildren and Coysh we will find any leaks and cracks and fix or replace the faulty parts. Once we're sure the system is airtight again, we will regas your aircon with refrigerant so that you don't have to sweat it out this summer.

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Clutch and Transmission

When you smell burning coming from under the hood, or notice leaking fluid, or you hear strange crunching or grinding noises whenever you change gears, then you probably have a problem with your clutch and transmission systems. These kinds of problems tend to quickly spiral into much more damaging and costly faults, so it's important to immediately get them checked if you notice any of the warning signs

Here at Mildren and Coysh we can handle:

  • Clutch repairs and servicing
  • Automatic and Manual transmission repair and servicing
  • Slip differential repairs and servicing

Get in touch today if you've noticed any warning signs of a failing transmission!

Radiators and Cooling Systems

Before your temperature gauge even starts to rise, minor faults in your radiator or another part of your cooling system can decrease fuel efficiency and increase engine wear, and once it becomes bad enough to be noticeable, it can cause serious and lasting damage to your engine. Don't let a problem like this wait, get it seen to immediately.

At Mildren and Coysh we can handle:

  • Coolant flush and check for leaks
  • Replace head gaskets
  • Radiator replacement or repair
  • Checking your thermostat and replacing it if necessary

Talk to us today if your car is overheating.

Brake Services

Keeping your brakes maintained is not only vital to your safety, it also helps to reduce wear on your tyres. If you notice a shuddering sensation when you slow down, that is a sign that you should probably get your brakes checked.

At Mildren and Coysh we can work on a range of problems with your brakes, including:

  • ABS repaired
  • Component repair or replacement
  • Parts machining, including discs, drums, pads and rotors
  • Leak checks for brake hoses and their replacement

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Tyres and Wheels

Keeping your tyres and wheels in good repair affects not only the comfort, but the safety and economy of your drive.

We can provide the following range of services here at Mildren and Coysh:

  • Major tyre brands for all makes and models
  • Tyre fitting and balancing
  • Wheel alignment

Talk to us today to get some new tyres or just make sure your wheels are still aligned.

Other Services

If you're dropping your car off here, make sure to get in touch and book our free loan car!

In addition to the mechanical services already mentioned, at Mildren and Coysh we can also work on:

  • Ag Servicing
  • Drop offs and pick ups in the local area if you don't want the loan car
  • Servicing and auto electrical work for all classic vehicles
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Caravan repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Motorbikes
  • ASTV trail bikes
  • Boat trailers and engines
  • Fuel pumps repaired or replaced for all vehicles
  • Snowy Mountain Hydro Vehicles
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Injection systems
  • Common rail diesel systems
  • Key cutting service
  • Sale and Installation of Fair Dinkum sheds
  • 4WD fit-outs
  • Welding
  • Solar Pumps

We offer a wide range of services here at Mildren and Coysh, and the lists above are by no means exhaustive. Please Get in touch with us to ask about any services you need that you couldn't find here or on our Auto Electrical Services page.